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ST.SHINE OPTICAL - major contact lens manufacturer in the world

Established in 1986, ST.SHINE OPTICAL was the first contact lens manufacturer and sales service provider in Taiwan to venture into the international market. To this day, it not only maintains a leading position in the Taiwanese market but, with years of global experience, also boasts a diverse and international marketing team.

In adherence to sustainable management principles and maintaining its roots in Taiwan, ST.SHINE has continuously established factories and production lines in Taiwan in recent years.

Through collaboration with partners in Asia, Europe, America, and mainland China, the company delves deeply into local markets, truly embodying the philosophy of 'Rooted in Taiwan, Strategically Positioned Globally.”

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World-class quality manufacturing facility

St.Shine Optical has successfully completed ISO 13485 medical device quality management system, MDSAP, EU CE certification, US FDA inspection for the production, and QMS certified by Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare for our production lines. With over 35 years of expertise in contact lenses, we specialize in quality contract manufacturing and private label production for both domestic and international markets.



Human Resources

For the sustainable development of our company and to establish a corporate culture of integrity, we have formulated this code in compliance with the 'Code of Ethical Conduct for Listed and OTC Companies.'

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Corporate Sustainability

To embrace the new economic era, ST.SHINE OPTICAL not only continually introduces advanced equipment and processes from abroad but also consistently refines and improves them. This ensures that ST.SHINE's existing contact lenses can maintain a high standard of performance.

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