Company Profile

"More than 35 years of experience and know-how for contact lens design, manufacturing, and marketing."

About St.Shine Optical Co., Ltd. :

St.Shine Optical with over 35 years of expertise, stands as an experienced contact lens manufacturer. We offer a diverse range of cast-molding products designed for both domestic and international markets. Our product lineup includes offerings ranging from frequent replacement to daily disposable contact lenses, all crafted with innovative technology and design.

Established in 1981 as First Optical, the company was founded by a consortium of industry experts with extensive experience in contact lens fitting, optical designing, manufacturing, and marketing. This foundation led to its rebranding as St.Shine Optical Co., Ltd. in 1986.

Over the subsequent decade, St.Shine Optical steadily rose as a prominent supplier of contact lenses in Taiwan, earning recognition for its high-performance products tailored for myopic, hyperopic patients, and effective astigmatism correction. In an evolving market, our commitment to quality remains unwavering.

Company Overview:

St.Shine Optical stands as one of the earliest Taiwanese manufacturers and distributors of contact lenses to enter international markets. We not only hold a prominent position in Taiwan's local market but also boast a marketing team with extensive global experience.

St.Shine operates facilities in the Xizhi District, New Taipei City, and Keelung, covering a combined area of approximately 16,000 square meters. Given that contact lenses fall under the medical device category, meeting the regulatory requirements of major global markets presents a substantial entry barrier in the industry.

In 1996, St.Shine obtained ISO and CE certifications. Since then, it has consistently acquired GMP/QMS certifications from Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare and MDSAP certifications in the United States, Canada, Australia, and various other regions. The attainment of ISO 13485:2016 certification underscores our global perspective and ambitions.

MDSAP Certification

TFDA QMS Certification

ISO 13485:2016 Certification

To prepare for the onset of the new economic era, St. Shine Optical continuously introduces advanced equipment and processes from abroad, continually refining and improving them to ensure optimal performance of its existing equipment. The products produced meet international standards. Furthermore, St. Shine pays close attention to industry development trends and is committed to satisfying the diverse needs of customers. Whether managing its own brand, providing OEM, ODM, or even Private Label services, customers can rely on St. Shine's R&D team to offer a complete set of services, including lens design, packaging, and licensing application.

The products are marketed in advanced countries such as Europe, North America, Japan, mainland China, and the Middle East, and have gained widespread recognition from customers. Currently, in addition to supplying the existing market, St. Shine is actively expanding into new markets in Southeast Asia and South America.