Company Vision

Corporate Spirit

At St.Shine Optical, we embody a steadfast commitment encapsulated by our spirit of "Always Striving for Perfection, Reaching Beyond Boundaries." Since our inception, we've relentlessly dedicated ourselves to the medical device industry, driven by the belief that determination and confidence ensure success. Our journey began domestically, cultivating our proprietary brand, and has now evolved to encompass the capabilities of receiving overseas OEM/ODM/Private Label orders. We envision reaching greater heights, drawing from a marketing team with extensive international experience and professional global partners. Our goal is not only to showcase Taiwan-manufactured contact lenses on the international stage but also to establish a strong foothold in the global professional market.

Pioneering Technological Innovation

Contact lenses are a convergence of high-polymer materials, molding technology, and optometry. St.Shine Optical stands as the first Taiwanese medical device company with specialized manufacturing and R&D capabilities in contact lenses. For over three decades, our focus has been on correcting the vision of the Taiwanese populace and developing materials and products tailored for human wearability. Looking ahead, we aim to integrating cutting-edge technological advancements into the development of contact lenses to pioneer products in the realms of healthcare and optometry, adding significant value and advancing the welfare of society.