Corporate Sustainability

Sustainable Activities


Responding to the UN SDGs

Responsible Consumption and Production

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    Contact lenses belong to “general trash” and should be dumped directly into the trash can after use.

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    Correctly sort the packaging of contact lenses into paper, recyclable plastic and general trash and recycle or dispose them properly.

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    Select and Use products with eco- friendly packaging , caring for the earth and being beautiful at the same time!


ST.SHINE Optical produce Akira contact lenses with new pakaging as a first step. We use FSC-certified sustainable paper and recycled pulp, and strives to reduce plastics. It’s not only makes you look good , but also pays attention to environmental issues.

Product Introduction: TICON Contact Lens – Official Website

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No Poverty

In today’s society, there is still a group of people who are unable to obtain assistance from the government and social welfare agencies due to policy regulations and fall on the edge of the poverty line. ST. SHINE Optical collaborates with charities to participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival Lucky Bag Donation Activity, providing schoolbags, stationery, daily necessities and food.

 In the hope that these forgotten families can feel the warmth of the world, and that school-age children can have the right to learn happily.

No Poverty
No Poverty

Good Health and Well-Being

Participate in charity activities

ST. SHINE Optical participates in the blood donation activities held twice a year in the Taiwan Science Park, providing event gifts and manpower to make activities go smoothly. We encourage blood donors to actively participate. “A Gift that Saves Lives” and we hope that all people can enjoy a healthy life.


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Good Health and Well-Being
Good Health and Well-Being

Quality Education


Healthy Exercise


“On the field, every second counts! A clear and wide field of vision is equally important as sufficient physical strength. You must be able to see every climbing step clearly and accurately step up to move forward in order to catch up with many elite athletes. Therefore, TICON “the moment” daily disposable aspherical soft contact lenses are good helper for athletes, let  athletes can compete with others intently.”, LO CHING CHUN said.

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“Whether it is warming up before a game or during the game, the comfort of the eyes is very important. TICON “the moment” daily disposable aspherical soft contact lenses  produced by ST. SHINE Optical, are very comfortable. It makes runners can see clearly and focus accurately during exercise. When marathon runners run into refreshment stations, they can quickly and successfully get the water while running without stopping or slowing down, and  completed the race.”, SU FENG TING said.

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In recent years, 3C products (computer, communication and consumer electronics) have been widely used in life, more than 90% of children aged 3-5 years will use 3C products . Also, because of the epidemic, school-age children spend more and more time using 3C products at home. Optometrist Society of Taiwan adheres to advocacy of eye care, and holds “Taiwan Congress of Optometry”. ST. SHINE Optical participate in as well, providing information and introduction of related products to optician and optical technician.

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Chung Shan Medical University Department of Optometry and Optometrist Society of Taiwan co-organized The International Optometric Conference. With the theme of binocular vision and contact lenses, ST. SHINE Optical is invited to participate and learn together, and international lecturers and optometrist teachers and students are invited to conduct micro-field discussions to cultivate a new generation of optometry talents.


At ST. SHINE Optical, we understand that every decision has a certain impact on society. Therefore, we adopt the policy of promoting the consistency of investors’ information levels and reducing information asymmetry, as well as the sustainable management policy, to lead all colleagues to make decisions that have a positive impact on society.

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Energy-Saving Equipment Investment


In the year 2023, an investment of 19.288 million NT dollars was made in energy-saving equipment, resulting in an overall energy-saving rate of 47.4%. Additionally, subsidies were obtained from the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Energy Bureau under the “Energy Efficiency Performance Guarantee Project Demonstration and Promotion Subsidy Plan” for the year 2022.


The energy usage primarily involved electricity. Energy-saving objectives were planned around controlling the temperature and humidity in the production environment and optimizing electricity usage in the manufacturing process. Improvements were focused on enhancing environmental control systems and energy-consuming manufacturing equipment.


Specific improvements were made to the operation control of air conditioning units and the efficiency enhancement of the chilled water main unit. The outcomes after improvement included an energy-saving rate of 47.4%, a reduction equivalent to 130.4kLOE/year in oil consumption, a decrease of 684.4 tons/year in tCO2 emissions, and a saving of 1,363,638 kWh/year in electricity consumption.