Human Resources

Social Responsibility

St.Shine respects and supports internationally recognized human rights norms and principles, including the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights," the "United Nations Global Compact," and the "Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work" by the International Labour Organization. To uphold the basic human rights of its employees, the company complies with relevant labor laws and regulations in its location, strives to minimize any actions that could infringe upon or violate human rights, and ensures that its employees are treated fairly and with dignity.


Management principles and specific plans

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    Discrimination of any kind is prohibited

    Our company employs personnel without discrimination based on race, class, language, ideology, religion, political affiliation, native place, birthplace, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, appearance, facial features, physical or mental disabilities, or past membership in a labor union.

    Developing measures for "Prevention and Handling of Workplace Sexual Harassment," "Written Statement for Preventing Workplace Violence," and "Flowchart for Handling Workplace Misconduct Incidents," etc.

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    Prohibition of forced labor and child labor

    Our company complies with all relevant labor laws and regulations in arranging employment conditions for our employees, and we do not employ child labor.

    Establishing Management Procedures for 'Recruitment and Selection Procedures,' 'Appointment Procedures,' etc."

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    Provide fair and reasonable wages and working conditions

    The wages paid to our employees comply with or exceed the relevant legal requirements, including items such as the minimum wage and overtime pay multipliers. The company strictly prohibits the deduction of wages as a means of disciplinary action.

    Establishing Management Procedure for 'Salary Calculation and Disbursement Procedures