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Employee Training

(1) New Employment Training for New Employees: This training program includes an introduction to the company's organizational structure and operational procedures, job responsibilities and instructions, professional knowledge training and environmental safety and health training.

(2) Our company has established the "Employee Education and Training Procedure" for employees to follow. We encourage employees to participate various training courses and technical seminars. Besides, we also invite scholars and experts to provide training sessions in-periodically.

(3) The training for the year 2023 is as follows:

Education Training Participating employees (person times) hours of training Training fees
External Training - Professional Skills Training 172 1,115 412,360
Internal Training - Professional Skills Training 3,487 3,974 623,683
Internal Training - New Employee Training 340 510 11,800

Note: The trainers for the orientation of new personnel are company employees, and the trainer fee is 11,800.