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Employee Welfare

Provide labor insurance, health insurance, and allocate for welfare committee fund

Taking year 2023 for example, there are116 non-working days.

To enhance employee welfare, our company has established an Employee Welfare Committee to administer various employee benefits, including subsidies for marriage, funerals, childbirth, and children's education scholarships.

Welfare committee has signed contracts with many companies. IN 2022, a total of 111 contracts were signed.

Our company takes into account the annual operational performance and distributes employee bonuses mid-year and year-end bonuses based on individual work performance, seniority, and position ratios, among other factors. Before Chinese New Year, in Q1 company will offer Annual bonus to the employee, while taking into account the personal and annual operational performance. in addition to Annual Bonuses, birthday vouchers, travel or meal vouchers, and other benefits are provided. In Q3, company will offer Employee Bonus to the employee, which is relevant to annual operational performance. This approach aims to reward employees and maintain competitiveness in the labor market.

【Old Retirement System】 Our company follows the provisions of the Labor Standards Act and has established a Labor Retirement Reserve Fund Supervisory Committee. We have been contributing to the Labor Retirement Reserve Fund and depositing it in a dedicated account under the supervision of Taiwan Bank. The committee manages and utilizes these funds. Currently, we have accumulated enough funds and have applied to the competent authority to stop further contributions. 【New Retirement System】 Since July 1, 2005, in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Pension Act, employees who choose and are covered under the new retirement system have their retirement savings contributed by the company on a monthly basis. The contribution is equivalent to six percent of the insured monthly salary to the individual retirement accounts with the Labor Insurance Bureau.