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The Company’s earnings, if any, after applied to pay taxes, should make up for losses first, and then 10% of the earnings shall be appropriated as legal reserve. But when the legal reserve is equivalent to the paid-in capital, the appropriation of legal reserve can be ceased. In addition, the special reserve will be appropriated or reversed according to laws and regulations or depending on business needs. The remaining amount, if any, plus the accumulated undistributed earnings will be available for distribution according to the proposal of the Board of Directors. The issuance of new shares should be presented in the Shareholders Meeting for resolutions. In accordance with paragraph 5, Article 240 of the Company Act, the company authorized the board of directors which by a majority of the directors present who represent more than two-thirds of the board of directors to make a resolution to have the distributable dividends and bonuses, or regulated by the paragraph 1 Article 241 of the Company Act’s legal reserve and capital reserve in whole or in part, provide in cash, and report to the shareholders’ meeting.


The Company will consider the surrounding environment and growth stage of the Company, in response to future capital needs and long-term financial planning, and meet the shareholders’ demand for cash inflow, for the distribution of dividends by the Company, wherein the cash dividends shall not less than 10% of the total dividends.

Dividend History

Year Shareholders’ Meeting Date Ex-Dividend Date Cash Dividends
(NT$ / Share)
Stock Dividends
(NT$ / Share)
Stock Dividend from Capital Reserve
(NT$ / Share)
2022 2023/06/13 2023/08/18 13.5 0 0
2021 2022/06/29 2022/08/22 15 0 0
2020 2021/07/02 2021/08/30 12 0 0
2019 2020/06/10 2020/09/03 18 0 0
2018 2019/06/13 2019/08/26 26.5 0 0
2017 2018/06/14 2018/07/12 25 0 0