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At St.Shine Optical Co., Ltd., we specialize in quality contract manufacturing and private label production for both domestic and international markets. 


Our Products:

From daily disposable to frequent replacement, our high-performance lenses cater to myopic, hyperopic, and astigmatism correction, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to quality in a dynamic market.


Customization Options:

  • Material and Parameter Customization: 
    • Choose St.Shine Optical for tailored solutions. We accept customers’ designs in material, saline, lens design, and parameters.
  • Flexible Packaging:
    • Choose from our range of blister options.
    • Pack lenses in boxes designed to meet your specifications.
  • OEM/ODM/Private Label Manufacturing:
    • In addition to the contact lenses listed on our website, which represent only some popular options, we are a leading OEM/ODM/Private Label manufacturer. We are fully equipped and welcome customization requests for various other aspects of the contact lens products.


We actively seek collaborations with those dealing in large volumes and high-quality products. Our commitment to delivering quality products and fostering long-term partnerships remains steadfast. St.Shine Optical is your reliable partner in the contact lens manufacturing world. We look forward to exceeding your expectations. For inquiries or collaborations, reach out to us.


Thank you for considering St.Shine Optical Co., Ltd.