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"World-class quality manufacturing facilities."

St.Shine Optical has successfully achieved ISO 13485 medical device quality management system, MDSAP, EU CE certification, US FDA inspection for production, and QMS certified by the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare for our production lines.

Compliance with these standards is considered to be solid endorsement of our quality system. We enforce stringent quality control and quality assurance methods and are proud to consistently provide superior products to our customers. Our management and staff have all contributed to the realization of this achievement.

Quality Assurance

Contact lenses can provide flexibility and convenience for those with vision correction needs, making them the preferred choice for many individuals. As the human body is involved, ensuring safety and efficacy is our top priority.

At St.Shine Optical, we have the full responsibility for quality assurance of each contact lens. Our contact lenses pass through many kinds of inspections and testing processes to ensure high quality before being introduced to the market.

St.Shine adheres to the requirements of regulations according to the Health Authorities around the world. We prioritize security of our lenses to meet customers’ satisfaction.


The cast-molding manufacturing process of contact lenses integrates different fields of science, including polymer chemistry, physics, optics, engineering, materials control, process control, and microbiology, with injection molding being a vital component.

Over decades of accumulated experience and continuous refinement, St.Shine’s R&D team has successfully developed and perfected our proprietary molding system.

The unique cast-molding technology has provides St.Shine Optical tremendous flexibility in product design, enhanced quality, and costs that surpass the competition.

St.Shine’s personnel have been granted 40 patents in related technologies, and we continue to apply for more.


"Always keeping pace with industrial development."

St.Shine Optical continues to pursue excellence in manufacturing and product design through collaborative efforts involving internal capabilities plus external contracted research parties.產品服務專業技術03.png

Spherical and aspherical lenses -

St.Shine has also developed lens designs and manufacturing processes to maximize comfort and provide superior correction for myopia and hyperopia.產品服務專業技術04.png

Toric lenses for astigmatism -

St.Shine has developed special lens designs to ensure maximum comfort and precise correction for astigmatism.

Aspheric progressive multifocal lenses -

St.Shine has licensed patented zone designs for presbyopia correction, further modifying them internally to integrate into our computerized system.

Corporation Production

"Just tell us what you need. Your satisfaction is our priority! "

St.Shine Optical continues to focus on large volume, high-quality frequent replacement and daily disposable products that can be supplied on an OEM/ODM basis to meet our clients' diverse needs. Our partnership production encompasses the design of lens types, lens patterns (for cosmetic lenses), product packaging and labels, all tailored to our clients' specific requirements.

St.Shine offers:
1. Superior Quality
2. State-of-the-Art Technology
3. Variety of Products
4. Timely Delivery
5. Innovative Designs
6. Competitive Pricing
7. Business Flexibility

To cultivate long-term partnership relationships with our valued clients, we have further strengthened our research, development and manufacturing capabilities in contact lenses. As an international company, St.Shine is dedicated to solidifying its position and expanding its presence through global and emerging market partners. This will be achieved without compromising our superior quality standards.


Competitive Pricing


Excellent Quality


Flexible Operations


Timely Delivery


Advanced Technology


Diverse Product Range


Innovative Design